Subtitles synchronizer

Subtitles synchronizer is a command line tool that synchronizes subtitles of a movie. Sometimes subtitles are in offset with the movie and is enough to slide the subtitles some seconds backwards or forwards to match with the movie.

This program only works with SRT files and is written in C.

Source Code - Windows binary - Linux binary


You can compile with Visual Studio or gcc.

You can use make or this command:

gcc -O3 -Wall -o subtitles main.c


The program receives two parameters, offset and mult:

  • offset is the offset that you want introduce
  • mult (optional, is 1 by default) is a multiplier to be multiplied with offset, usually is used only with 1 and -1 for forward or backward respectively

The processing is made from the standard input to the standard output.


Example to push the subtitles 5 seconds backwards:

$ subtitles 5 -1 < >